The One Course Designed to Positively Change Your Divorce - and Life - Ever after.

em·pow·er / verb

to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling her own life

Learn how to take control of your divorce – and life –
before, during and even after the ink is dry.

Who Is The Positively Divorced Course For?

My Positively Divorced Course is for all of you who don’t want to let
the end of their relationship become the end of the world.

In this course, you will learn how to take complete control of your divorce – and your life thereafter  – with a few, incredibly simple shifts in the way you approach and respond to common disagreements in divorce.

My name is Jonna Spilbor.  I’m an unstuffy, straight-talking attorney, radio host, motivational speaker and legal analyst on television. For nearly a quarter century, I have handled the most stressful, soul-crushing, complex and problematic legal situations for thousands of clients.  My experience has taught me something that most lawyers do not want you to know – and that is – your divorce doesn’t have to suck.


Know this:  You hold the key to transforming this life-altering event from the typical stressful, gut-wrenching, battle-fraught process, to a positive and empowering one that actually improves your life instead of sucking the life right out of you.

Imagine that!  Approaching your divorce process so that, instead of it leaving you feeling emotionally flat, busted broke, it allows you to experience a whole new level of positivity, empowerment and yes, leave you happily adjusted and ready to take on the new joyful experience known as the rest of your life! You can do it.

In this course, I not only teach you how, but I will help you find your ‘why’.

Remember these words.  Divorce may mark the end of your relationship, but it also marks the beginning of the rest of your life. 

You Are Here Because:
You are thinking about getting divorced and want to learn the one simple tool you can use to put you — and keep you — in control.


You are knee deep in the divorce process and desperate to take your divorce from “bitter” to a whole lot “better”.


Or you’ve made it through the divorce process but your ex continues to battle you at every turn.
This course is the first step in teaching you how to completely improve your situation almost instantly!
Don’t Let Your Break Up, Break You
The Positively Divorced Course gives you the surprisingly simple “101 lowdown” on how to approach the divorce (and post-divorce) process to:


Empower you in any divorce negotiation.


Free you from feeling stuck in a painful divorce process.


And put you in the best position for a successful, positively transformed  life after divorce!

Best part?

It’s all within YOUR control!

What You Get

I wanted to make this course easy to fit into your life.  Here is what you’ll get:

  • An introduction to get you in the groove, and put you in the right frame of mind for absorbing the new concepts I’m going to teach you.

  • Four, simple, plain English (in other words, no legal mumbo-jumbo) lessons conveniently laid out for you in four, stand-alone mini E-books that you can read on any device.

  • Because, personally, I love to listen to written material rather than read it, you will also get each of these lessons in an audio format so you can listen on the treadmill, in the car or while out for a stroll.

  • Each lesson comes with a quick video-intro so you can easily know which concept will be the main focus of that lesson, and help you wrap your mind around concepts that may otherwise seem very new and, well, weird to you.

Bonus material:

And finally, you will receive two bonus videos from my panel of experts to help guide you to a whole new level of happiness, and give you tips on improving your financial integrity during and after divorce (and who wouldn’t be happy about that?)

What You Won't Get

Let me tell you what this course is not.

This is not a course on legal advice.

Every single person going through divorce, or post divorce stuff, needs to have a lawyer in their state to give them sound legal advice on their particular legal issues.

This course is not a substitute for that.  What this course is, is a supplement to that.

Meaning, if you successfully complete this course, and do what I tell you to do, you will have the tools to:

  • make your divorce suck less.
  • get more of what you do want.
  • get less of what you DON’T want.

And, put yourself in position to apply these principals everywhere in your life!

It sounds amazing because it is!  And on top of that, it is so very simple.

A word of warning: Also keep in mind, I created this course to relate to you as I would if we were having a conversation not in my law office, but in my living room.  I tell it to you straight, and that will include, from time to time, some sassy language.

Why I created this Course

As an attorney and owner of a very busy and successful law practice, I’ve had an opportunity to help thousands of people through the most stressful times of their lives.

Part of what I’ve learned helping others, is that divorce is an animal like none other.  It also has a really, really bad rap.  I mean, 99% of people approaching the divorce process, do it with an expectation that it will be nasty, ugly, and messy.  Most people at every phase of the divorce process expect the worst – and therefore they get the worst! What’s more, is people approach the divorce process as if it can be “won” without ever knowing what “winning” at divorce really means.

Lawyers love this.  Why?  Because the more you fight, the more money lawyers make.  In divorce, time is money, and fighting takes time.  A lot of time.  Most of which is completely unnecessary.

On the one hand, this course is a secret most attorneys won’t want you to know, because taking the Positively Divorced Course and applying my simple thought-shifting techniques will ultimately save you money.  A lot of money.  How?  By helping you identify, and then minimize, if not eliminate, the unnecessary battles during divorce.

But equally as important, is my desire to help people improve their lives well beyond divorce. Remember, divorce may mark the end of your marriage, but it also marks the beginning of the rest of your life.  I want to be the type of lawyer, the type of motivator, that puts you in the best position to make the rest of your life awesome, fulfilled and empowered!

How much does it cost?

My main concern when pricing this program, was to make it affordable for everyone.

A challenge?  You bet.

First, I thought I’d base the price on how much you’ll potentially save in attorneys fees by learning what not to fight over in divorce.  That could be thousands!  And frankly, if this course saves you thousands of dollars in unnecessary attorneys fees, it would be worth a four-figure price tag.

But I wanted to do better than that.

So, I did some homework.  From the smallest of towns to the biggest of cities, I researched the average cost of just one hour of attorney time.

Boy, was that an eye-opener.

Big city lawyers can charge upwards of $1,000 bucks an hour, while small town lawyers can charge a fraction as much.  I scratched my head and did a little quick math.  On average, in the middle-sized cities across America, one can expect to pay about $300 per hour to talk to a lawyer.

Taking this course will save you that – and then some.  Since most people are willing to invest the price of one hour with a lawyer to gain valuable information, I used that as my guide.

The regular, introductory price for my Positively Divorced Course is $297.

But, from time to time, I will offer special discount codes to save you even more off your enrollment fee!

How to Order
frequently asked questions

Once you purchase the Positively Divorced Course, you will receive access to the program through my dedicated website using a username and password.

The Positively Divorced Course is a go-at-your-own-pace course.  Once you complete your purchase, you will have life-time access to the program so you can either “binge learn” (that’s what I like to do) or watch/listen/read one lesson a day or week, whatever you like.  Keep in mind, you may want to re-listen or re-read certain lessons or concepts.  You will be free to do that too.

No problem!  I’m here to help.  You can email your questions to  Also know that we are building a community of like-minded, empowered women who not only want to benefit from this and future courses, but who may be interested in helping others the way this course will help them.  Therefore, it is also possible to stay in the loop by signing up for my weekly emails and being the first to know about upcoming events and products.

Here’s the real deal.  I’ve made the Positively Divorced Course one that works on the honor system – meaning, there are no quizzes, or “coursework” that I’m asking you to produce.  I’m simply trusting that you will be open to the concepts and at least give them a try.  I’m confident that if you do these two things, you will receive a benefit from this course.  Because this is a digital product, refunds will only be given to those who, for purely technical or mechanical reasons, cannot access the course.

“With every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.”

– Oprah Winfrey